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Industrial Chemistry & Cleaning Products Manufacturing
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The Best Formula in Cleaning Ingredients
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Environmentally Friendly Business Ethics
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International Product Supply
We can supply products to every country in the world.
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Kitchen Hygiene Products
Industrial and normal cleaning products.
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Surface Cleaning Products
General area and surface cleaning products.
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In the 1970s, in İzmir/TURKEY, from father to son, without compromising the principles of honesty and reliability, commercial adventure was started. Sevgin Kimya; started our vein. Over the years we have With our experience, we moved our activities to ANKARA in 2006. We are the company that is in the DMO e-catalog and is the corporate supplier of DMO. First; Tse and ISO 9001 quality management system, including ministry approval, capacity report, brand registration to a serious customer base in the field.

We are a liquid detergent manufacturer with:

* Adding value to the sector by saying “human” and “state” first and providing customer satisfaction and ultimate satisfaction in every step it takes. We are a factory that puts the user first.
* Acting with the principle of “He who loves his country the most, does his duty best” and its experienced staff, laboratory working at full capacity with its engineers, professional administrative staff who do quality control and R&D studies. We are a staffed business.
* Identifying and meeting market expectations and demands instantly and maintaining a stable growth trend we are a company.
* We serve you with more than 1200 customers with a distributor and dealer network spread over 16 provinces.
* General area cleaners, household and industrial detergents, glass cleaners, Bathroom and WC cleaners, heavy dirt and oil removers are just a few of the products we produce.

50 Years of Experience


Cleaning chemicals have gained importance in the light of rapid technological developments in recent years. Suitable for Routine Cleaning; We are at your service with our products that you can use effortlessly by providing cleaning and hygiene in sections such as entrance, lobby, stairwell, elevators, rooms, bathrooms, toilets,
building cleaning, pool sports facilities, as well as minimizing the abrasion and matting that will occur on the surfaces.


Worldwide Services

Having a voice not only in our country, but also around the world, taking the limits of respect for nature and the environment to higher levels to be a manufacturer.


%100 Customer Satisfaction

Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level as it is today.


Permanent Growth

Our goal is to push the upper limits in exports and to be a tax record holder.




Sevgin Kimya is able to supply products to every country in the world with its sectoral experience and network. Our products are top quality products of universal standards.

%100 Customer Satisfaction

What Our Clients Say?

We would like to thank Sevgin Kimya, with whom we have been working for many years, with both high quality and reasonable price policy in cleaning materials.
C. Ozkaya
IT Company
It is a company that perfectly meets the cleaning chemicals needs of our company with its increasing product quality and fast supplies.
E. Yalçın
International Trade Firm
We have been doing business for about 2 years with its friendly staff and solution-oriented service understanding. We thank them for their ethical and orderly working style.
O. A. Yilmaz
Automotive Company

Some of Our Clients